Bader-ProduktPlanSysteme is a software company specializing in database solutions.        flagge-deutschland-flagge-rechteckig-100x150

Our over 20 years of industry experience are allowing us to offer our customers individually customized database tools that fulfill the specific needs of their company.

The know-how of our team includes the programming and implementation of software for purchasing and sales, production planning, human resources and finance.

Our database tools are fast, reliable and easy to use. They are built in a clearly structured way that is comprehensible and that doesn’t require a long training phase.

Our experienced CEO with a diploma in business administration knows your companies requirements and understands the context of your day-to-day business.

By being close to our customers we can react quickly to your demands. Extensive counseling, support with data transfer and the installation of the system including training are just as natural to us as continuing service after the project is successfully completed.

If we have sparked your interest and you have further questions about how we can
help your company please direct them to h.bader@bader-pps.de.

Dipl. Betriebswirt (FH)